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Welcome to Comptech Llc.


We are a full service computer and networking shop. We can build and maintain your corporate networks, build your dream machine, repair just about any computer, as well as remove pesky viruses and restore lost data.


We would like to announce our new recycling program.  Save yourself money and help out  with your old and broken computers, as well as batteries.  Check out our recycling page for all of the details.


If your looking for answers you can call us or check out our forums.  There is a ton of information on hardware, software, and even games there.


We have closed our retail locations for a while.  If you need service you may call Gary at 233-1727, or email us at



Take a look around, if you don't see a service your looking for, call us and if we can't do it, we know people who can.

We will build your custom dream machine.  From the latest gaming technology, to movie and picture sharing, or recording over your network.  We also warranty all of our computers for 3 years at no additional charge.
Custom networks are also warrantied for 3 years.  We do both wired and wireless, corporate or home, we will even combine the two so your home network can connect to the one at your office.

We have closed our retail locations for a few months.  We will be looking at reopening in the Manchester area in January.  If you need service we are still taking care of our loyal clients.  You can call Gary at 233-1727 for an appointment, or send us an email.

Manchester closed for now
email us at: