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Warranty Information :
We warranty all of our new systems for a period of three years, covering the cost of all parts and labor.
With the exception of::
Damages caused by virus, adware or spyware.
Damages caused from physical misuse, including but not limited to: drops, spills, stress relief or using the CD drive as a coffee holder.
Modifying, adding or removing any hardware from a machine voids the warranty. If you want custom work done, we will do it without voiding your warranty!
As we keep geting calls from outside our local area to build systems we will be setting up an area where you may order directly on line.  We would always prefer to build each system individually, but people keep asking for our more common configuration.  We will be setting up 3 or 4 different designs you may order from us over the next few days.  As always they are fully warranteed and we pay for shipping.  We can always do custom work if youemail us and can modify any system you see beyond what we are offering on our site.  We use quality parts so we can afford to give a 3 year warrantee on our systems at no additional charge.  Also if you want to order by phone you can call our Manchester store at (603)935-8030.  We will ship to the USA only.  Orders are shipped in about a week.  As we build each system individually rather than mass produce, it takes a bit longer and we do test before they go out.
To check out the systems availble on our site click HERE.
To get to our Ebay store where we have some of our used laptop hardware click