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We have a few really great things we are doing right now.  Currently we are running a recycling program, and a give-away program to help out kids who need computers in NH.   We are proud sponsors of Scorch's PFG-TV.  If you haven't seen this show check it out.  We are having a great time and giving people some knowledge, as well as helping out the community.  This show is fantastic.  You can get the schedule and where it is playing by checking out MYTV.
Our recycling program can help you save money and the environment.  For more information on this program check out our recycling page.
We have been building computers out of old used parts and giving them away to kids that need them but are not able to afford them.  For every one we give away there are about ten people on the list that really need one.  If you have old, even broken, computers bring them down and we will refurbish them and help out kids in the area.  If you know someone who really needs a computer give us a call at our Manchester store 603-935-8030 and we will see what we can do.  Currently we are in dire need of old cases and working hard drives.  If we can get more of those we can help out more people.