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We are trying to do our part for the world, and you can help.  Old computers are taking up space in land fills, and it costs money to even get rid of them.  We have started a program where we will take care of them for you.  Instead of paying at least $10.00 to throw it away just bring your old computer down to any of our stores. 
Much of what is in a computer can be recycled or re-used.  There is no reason to throw much of anything away these days and we are willing to put a bit of work into helping out people and the environment.
We can especially use old cases and hard drives for our give-away program to help out underpriveledged children.  For more information on how you can use your old junk to help out a child who needs a computer to do homework check out our special events page.
We are also a recycling drop off spot for batteries.  We can take any kind of battery except wet cells like car batteries.  You can just drop them off at any of our stores and we will take care of them.  
Help us do our part for the environment and save yourself some money.