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Current Specials
We have several current specials.  They include both new and used equipment as well as services.
We are blowing out used laptops for as low as $200 for back to school.  Come on in and check them out.
Used monitors only $20.00 each.
Refurbished computers:  Windows 98 models only $100.00
                                                 Windows 2000 models $150.00
                                                 Windows XP models as low as $200.00
                                                              These deals do not include monitor, mouse, or keyboard.
Turbo tune up: includes virus and spyware removal, cleanup of both your hard drives and registry, defragmentation of both your hard drive and registry and general maintenance softwareonly $75.00. 
Memory upgrades as low as $40.00 per gig. installed.  Even 256 strips as low as $20.00.
DVD burners with litescribe installed for only $50.00 with mention of this website.
CD drives: $20.00
Floppy drives: $10.00